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Have you misplaced your vehicle keys? Are you looking for a car key spare in case of an emergency? Is your family member in need of a remote control/ Keyless Entry?
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As an industry leader, we offer the widest selection of smart keys, remote head keys, transponder keys, and keyless entry remotes. The last thing you need if you're late for work is a misplaced car key. When you have an additional car key, you may avoid the stress and annoyance of being locked out when you need to get somewhere.

We at 99carkeys think that replacing a car key should not be difficult. We can assist you with a spare or replacement automobile key duplicate.
Learn more about the most common varieties of car keys and how the car key replacement process works with our handy guide.

Is it possible for you to replace my car keys near me?

Yes. For automobile key replacement and programming, we serve all of Los Angeles, California. Our locksmiths will visit you at your home, place of business, or current location. We can usually get there in less than an hour.

Is it possible to program my car keys?

Yes. We can program practically any make or model of car keys. Simply give us a call and we'll see if we can program your particular key type; in most situations, we can.

What is the procedure for replacing a car key?

Car key fob technology is commonly used in newer automobiles, but earlier standalone automotive keys are typically constructed of steel, brass, or a combination of nickel and brass. The new car key fob may need to be programmed with a specific combination to allow the transmitter to react to your vehicle during the replacement process. The car key programming procedure differs depending on your vehicle's year, make, and model.

A key duplicator machine is used to cut standard keys. To serve as a template for the new key, the old key is placed on one side of the machine and lined up with a specific cutting tool. A blank key is placed on the machine's opposite side, where a key guide maintains both keys aligned. Both keys move through the machine at the same time during the duplicating process, resulting in a duplicate key that is identical to the original.

How long does it take to duplicate a car key?

The time it takes to replace a car key is determined by the type of vehicle you own. Car keys can normally be cut in a matter of minutes, but car key fob replacements can take up to an hour. Because current automotive keys, like fobs, include unique transponder chips that may require programming, this is the case.

Car and truck keys that have been laser-cut are available.

The auto keys that are utilized today are far more advanced than the transponder vehicle keys that were used in the past. A lot of cars and trucks now use laser cut keys, which are a far more advanced technique than previous key-cutting methods.
We can create keys for a wide range of automobiles, with the majority of our work spanning the years 1980 to the present.

Los Angeles Car Key Duplication Services

You absolutely must have extra auto keys, and the automobile dealership will charge you a sum that is much higher than our price for making duplicates. Most locksmiths charge substantially less than dealerships because the hidden secret they don't want you or the general public to know is that making duplicate vehicle keys is much less than making a new car key. Give us a call and we'll tell you all you need to know about the process as well as the fee directly over the phone. 


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